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Fairy Tail Episode 276

Fairy Tail 2014 Episode 101
Fairy Tail Zero Episode 11
Fairy Tail Episode 276
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Episode 276 in the TV Anime Series Fairy Tail and Episode 11 of Fairy Tail Zero.



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  • jokeslayer94

    stone can melt.
    metal can melt.
    this is just so stupid. the whole episode was
    50% pure lucy fanservice
    5% exposition
    5% irritating character tics
    49% Bullshit ( fairy tale is gone, but why no more other guilds + MELTING CLOTHES)
    1% awesome (Natsu’s Outfit)

    • JRBC

      Cothes*. you forgot the -es

      • Celeste Margaret Lopez

        And you forgot the “l”

        • JRBC

          Dam too shay

    • Engus

      Cotten melts just before it burns…
      But yeah was a little silly if the heat was melting stone everyone there would have serious burns

  • Celeste Margaret Lopez