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Fairy Tail Episode 277

Fairy Tail 2014 Episode 102
Fairy Tail Episode 277
Watch Fairy Tail 2014 Episode 102 in High Quality HD online on
Episode 277 in the TV Anime Series Fairy Tail.



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  • Alex B.

    Is it me or did the art style change slightly?

    • Paul

      The art didn’t change, the animation certainly did though. Might be why they’re taking a break, another animation team taking charge.

    • Ashley Heartifilia

      It did, they made the lines slightly thinner to match the manga style

  • WallyWalrus42

    damn this episode was really hype,brings me back to the days when I first started watching!

    • Robert Apciug

      The same here 🙂

      • sven

        yeah felt truly happy while watching this episode so much memories and so much fun !:D
        dammn sucks it stops now but i can’t wait till it starts again!!

  • Aleks

    He shouldve kept the long hair 🙁

    • Hans Robert Skjærvær


  • Dredd


  • Ayesha

    OMG OMG OMG Fairy tail is coming back and the adventures are starting again!!! Thanks to this website, I can watch Fairy Tail!!!

    • Khush amdeed :3

    • Pokeandhan

      Well sry to disappoint, but Fairy Tail just ended, today’s episode was the last. I hope season 3 comes soon!

      • Ayesha

        really? noooooooooooooo

    • fairytale isn’t coming back :'(

      • HyrulesOverlord

        its coming back. this season just ended is all

  • Louis Mitchener

    Damn, havent had shivers like that in a while :’)

  • cole

    18:47 nalu confirmed

  • Shooting

    Fairy tail is getting better every week.
    I think natsu is going to be the next master! 😀
    Isn’t he?

    • juvia

      lol nope erza is :’)

    • REDZ

      no, actually I think it’s Mira

  • LuffiAce

    Awesomee FairyTail

  • Burak Mazi

    Nostalgic af just like the first episode

  • Mevie

    I hope fairy tail will come back because I am really fan of fairy tail super awesome

  • pindakaas12345

    Please let there be another season!!! I need this in my life!!!

  • Lior

    If you guys noticed Natsu’s fire changed too. it is now look different then the first episodes of fairy tail!

  • Aj Medrano

    I love how this episode mirrors the events from the first episode ~<3

  • Ventura

    Im crying 😛

  • ShadowHunter13

    This anime won’t end now Lucy has just met up with nasty and their probably going to go through a load of adventures just to find all the fairy tale members like erza, Mira, laxus, gajeel, gray and all the others. I just know this anime won’t end like this.

  • ShadowHunter13


  • Dwinanda Osideswar

    is this the end?

  • Sea Wish

    did fairy tail really end or will it come back in the future?

  • Dante x Yamato

    Just to silence some of the misleading comments, here is a quote from the article provided on the link to episode 278:

    “Current season of Fairy Tail 2014 Anime will be ending on March 26 but a new anime for the remaining manga is in the works.”

    So don’t worry, fairy tail definitely isn’t over. My understanding of that is it may come back under a slightly different name, kinda like Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

  • Thieves HD

    na na na na [OH]……………… hey! hey! na na na na [OH]…………….. hey! hey!

  • JRBC

    And hear we are again, waiting for the next season while the makers of Fairy Tail are probably on a vacation thinking that a F*CKING CLIFF HANGER is a good idea

    • Kerem

      Well, I know how you’re feeling buddy, but the fact is that the anime is way too close to the manga at the moment! There are still (relatively) many chapters, but in every anime episodes are at least two manga chapters, so it’s more than twice as fast then the manga. At this pace it will catch up too fast…
      I dunno if this comment helps you by any means, but I think you should know this as somebody who seems to not read the manga 🙂

  • Jmars

    shouldve kept the long hair for real… and it looks like fairytail on hold again, sigh 🙁 although all animes were set back a week
    was just wondering if that was the cause. If not i cant wait for season 3 🙁

  • Yoshioka_donna04