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Fairy Tail Episode 278

Fairy Tail 2014 Episode 103
Fairy Tail Episode 278
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Episode 278 in the TV Anime Series Fairy Tail.



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  • Moses

    hey . bro I cant see the time left in ep 278. Then how am I supposed to watch this? Please fix this

  • DoctorNao

    No! Not another year!!! ;~; PLZ!!!!!!!!!

  • Bluwulf


  • Rakesh P

    @djhotranch117 sorry…..but we don’t have dragon balls in this anime 😀

  • iLoveFairyTail:D

    So basically u r telling me that , they stopped making ft episodes until xmas or easter of 2017 and when the anime will start again it will change its name ? For example FairyTail changed to FairyTail(2014) , so this time when it comes back it will be like FairyTail(2017) ? Well if its just that then im glad , love to all FT fans and the FT team , keep up the good work and we hope for many-many episodes of this amazing anime. 😀

  • Dystopian_Mage

    Soo soo impatient for it to come out, I downloaded and watched like 55 or something other animes in the meanwhile too with 5 or 7 long ones with 400+ episodes lol